Professional Lightroom Presets & LUTs

Setiap preset Lightroom dan LUT dibuat oleh tim kami: fotografer, editor foto dan video, desainer, yang tahu segalanya tentang koreksi warna.

Arif ID


A little about me

Arif ID (
I’m a Graphic Designer and Photographer based in Central Java, Indonesia. I have a deep passion in creating visuals and realizing my vision.

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Berita terbaru seputar fotografi

This preset is an art alone. The way it was intricately developed shows in the photos. Hence the 3 clicks. As it fixes and enhances your photos, you can feel the collaboration with the creator that comes with it.

Jason Wong

Photographer From UK

I couldn’t stop re-editing my old photos using these presets! Mico’s presets made my food and lifestyle photos more vibrant and so organic looking! They are honestly amazing and very easy to use!

Philips Lee


I love how this tool changed my workflow for good. After years of trying to find my own identity in color, I’ve finally found a good starting point. This method and principles has helped me find my own style. 

Jacob Duran


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